Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mickey through the years exhibition, Mid Valley

know him since i was kid...
hardly explain why i'm so in love with him~
just can't get my eyes off him...
have you ever fancy any cartoon crazily?
oh yea~ i believe lots of you are same like me...
and Mid Valley City is now having this exhibition~
where you can see Mickey in different designs...
knew about this exhibition through my buddy when she asked my opinion on her design...
of course i won't miss the chance to meet my beloved Mickey~
there were more than 100 designs of Mickey...
let me show you a little part of it~
by Walt Disney
 this is my favourite design among all...
how i wish i could bring it back...
best mouse of 2012!
 and he is always the best to me~ =)
The Marry Me Mickey
 if he was to ask me "will you marry me?"~
i guess i will say yes! XD
The Chocolate Candy Mickey
 feel like give him a big bite!
Mickey, The Flintstone...
 this is so adorable~ 
and he is carrying a basket of apples behind...
The Lion King Mickey
 i can't stop laughing when i saw this~
what a good design!
Double Terror by Freda Foong
yes! this is my buddy's creation~
and i'm part of the mastermind... 
haha! only i think i am!! =P

they are all lovely, aren't they?
so, don't miss the chance to see all of them~
the exhibition will be in Mid Valley City until 10 June 2012...
which is this coming Sunday!
let's go to Mid Valley City~ ^^

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