Friday, March 20, 2015

Dutch Lady Farmland @ 1 Utama

hola! =)
ever since i got married, people around me been asking, how's married life? seriously, not much difference though... we've been together for 8 years, staying under the same roof for 6 years, what would be different? we don't even change the way we call each other... if really i have to look for a difference, i would say is more on myself... my attention, what i would do when i have time, many more~
how to say? simple... like i would thought of cooking whenever i have time... something that i really wouldn't do before married~ i would look at events for family, news and articles about kids...
perhaps i'm getting myself ready for a little one... ^^

well, back to the topic...
went to 1U for an appointment yesterday... coincidentally, Peg and Jace were handling an event there... went to visit them and also to support... after the tour given, i simply find it could be a nice bonding activity for parents and kids over the weekend... definitely much better than just spending time, doing window shopping in the mall... 

what is it all about? let's have a look... 
Dutch Lady Farmland
oh yes! it's Dutch Lady Farmland! they just did their media launch yesterday, opened for public to visit after 1pm yesterday. while i was chatting with both Peg and Jace, i saw many parents trying to walk into the event area... but of course they were stopped by the staff as it was closed for the media launch. it actually showed how much they can't wait to experience the activities provided... =D 

to support them, i spend some time going through the whole event, played every games that they prepared... they have 5 stations in total, as you walk into the event area, you will be given a card for stamping... at the end of the activities, you will then get a goodies bag  with that card fully stamped... 
check out what they have prepared for us~ 
station 1: 2-a-day
 this activity is to tell us that our body actually need 2 serving of milk per day... every serving of milk contains several minerals and vitamins that benefit our body... what you need to do is to complete the puzzle within the time frame given and you'll win a stamp on your card... simple but knowledgeable.. 
station 2: personality test
 in this station, they will serve you 3 little cups of different milk and you have to choose your favourite among these 3... your answer actually reflects your personality... now i know i like new things and i always looking for fresh idea~ which is my favourite? you'll find you when you try it yourself... =D
station 3: yummy station
 yummy station is just giving out free sample for everyone to try... instead of normal milk, they have chocolate and strawberry flavours... try it out to find your favourite! 
feed the cow
 this activity will not give you any stamps... it's just a simple activity to keep the kids busy while the parents are shopping for the milk... see~ the kids are having fun with the dried grass... 
station 5: strong family challenge
this is definitely a family thing! where you have to work together, carry the dried grasses and put on the weight to match with the weight given by the staff within the time frame... well, i got my "family members", Peg and Jace to help and we did it in like within seconds... well done right? =D

if you do notice, i actually missed out the station 4... yes! i didn't have any pictures of the station 4 and another 3D farm tour... what a failed blogger i am... T.T 
station 4 is where the kids have to play a game on a touch screen TV... kinda fun i would say~ and the 3D farm tour is definitely something new... find out more by visiting them yourself... =)
product booth
there are booth selling their ready-to-drink milk products too... if you would like to grab one or two, i think they are having some special discount... just i think~ i didn't buy milk that often so i do not really know the pricing... oops... 
friends · family
special thanks to Peg and Jace for giving me the tour... i had fun and it was really nice seeing both of you... enjoyed watching how serious you both were at work... but please do get sufficient rest, do not overwork yourself, okay? =)
view from top
before i left the mall, i found the view from top was really nice... this setup was really impressive... for just a weekend event, it actually shows that how much Dutch Lady cares about this event... they've been serving good milk since 1871? i'm not quite sure, why not you go and find out yourself?
the goodies
these are what i gotten from the event by completing all the activities... a paper bag, a note pad, a keychain and a photo frame... it would be really perfect if they have a photo booth for family to take photos together... i'm sure it will be more meaningful for every family that participated in the activities... well, it's just my simple thought~ the organizer will know best! =D

parents, do grab this opportunity to have a wonderful weekend with your kids... wishing everyone a great weekend ahead~ ^^

p/s: this is not an advertisement post... =) 

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